The Importance Of A Speech

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The audience for a speech is immediately present, right in front of the speaker, while readers are absent, removed". This statement is said by Warld Ong. The spontaneity we feel while giving or listening to a speech is what makes us choose it rather than reading or writing a text. Even more to that point is mentioned in Dylan Dryer 's article when he stated" Speech employs an extensive array of modalities unavailable to writing: gesture, expression, pacing, register, silence, and clarifications all of which are instantaneously responsive to listeners ' verbal and nonverbal feedback. Even though this difference affects on getting the full understanding of what is written, writing can be better than giving a speech in some way. Before the text…show more content…
So, he chooses a subject through which he tries to get some objectives. Unlike the speech that sometimes does not contain any purpose especially if it is in a family or friends daily conversation. The writer 's goals might be expanding a reader 's culture, summarizing numbers of books or bringing the entertainment to the audience. So, the writer diffidently has a goal beyond his text. Second, the writer considers a certain style and language he is going to use. He makes his decision according to the created audience. This is against the spontaneous speech in which the receivers might vary in age and level of education or interests. The writer frames his thoughts clearly and explicitly. The writer does not stop at this point but he revises the ideas, words and form. Moreover, some writers prefer to give themselves time before they revise the text. All these phases and steps are to make sure that the readers get the exact meaning. This is similar to what Charls Bazerman said in his article" readers share only the words to which each separately attribute the meaning". After all that, the target audience usually get just the writer 's major
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