The Importance Of A Public Park

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Walking past a public park is like walking through a zoo. You could feel the energy these kids have. The noise, the excitement, and the laughter in these kids are extraordinary. You will never see the joy on a kids face once they are in the park. Even the ice cream truck cant get the kids attention. Why is the slide or swing so enjoyable to a kid. I was once a kid and I still don't know why I enjoyed it. It's just a relationship that just happens between a child and a public park. Public parks are a fun, relaxing and enjoyable place for a kid, until its time to go home. I had gone to Equity Park, a public park, that's located in 89 Ave at 90st Queens, New York. IT a huge park with 2 other big files around it. There is also a elementary school,…show more content…
She has been in this area for about 30 years. I asked her a few question about how the park makes her child feels. The answer was right on her kid's face, exciting. She hated the park because her kid never wanted to leave. She remembers once that when left her kid stay there as long as he wants, the kid named is David, still didn't want to leave. She had to stay up all night hearing him yell and shout and even have to be more cautious because he was trying to sneak out to go there. IT was a nightmare. Martinez gets very stressed and frustrated because it's now almost every day that the same nightmare happens. She has to force him out the park by picking him and even grabbing him out. The park was a kids teddy bear that he or she wouldn't let go. I asked her if her child ever left the park with no problem, but she said “NO, I don't think that will ever happen’. Looking around I see that one woman that has her kid under control. I came up to her, her name was Jasmin Singing. I asked, “how did you manage to control your kid”? Her answer, “ He knows the punishment he will get if he doesn't leave”. Her kid loves the park, he cries when he leaves the park. Jasmin told me once she tried to take her son home but the boy kept running away from her.He was resisting.It took her two hours to finally get her kid. She feels as if the park gives out this strong relationship with kids. Regardless of most of the kids leaving after an hour or two, there are some kids that stay there until its dark. The connection is strong. I noticed all of these problems when I was spectating the park. It was unbelievable. When I asked both of them why do they bring their kids to the park they both said the same answer “Because they don't want their kids to be trapped inside the

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