The Importance Of A Pilot Pilot

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*get a commercial pilot certificate> comes from completing pilot ground school and logging 250 hours- this includes alotted time for certain maneuvers and situations with inclement weather * once completing the pilot ground school test, and all the log hours then you need to complete a check-ride> a check ride is like a pilots drivers test- A Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) examiner asks to plan a flight, tests your knowledge on aviation matters and then comes along for the flight, the FAA examiner then requests certain maneuvers to be executed to test your abilities along the flight, if everything goes well as they direct you then the FAA examiner signs off on the commercial pilots certificate. *A commercial pilot needs either an up-to-date first- or second-class medical certificate, and instrument rating and a multi-engine rating *to recieve a medical certificate and aviation medical examiner must first confirm that you meet the health and fitness requirements to be a pilot. *need to receive an Instrument rating to prove the ability to fly with low visibility(during inclement...
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