The Importance Of A Perfect Environment For The Future Baby

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The blog article, written by Dr. Aviva Romm, provides insight on things that should be done during pre-conception in order to have a healthy baby someday. This tips are to help create a perfect environment for the future baby (Romm, 2014). This blog is meant for anyone that is sexually active, therefore having the potential to become pregnant in the future. This particular article makes big claims without having the references or evidence to back up the insight. Even though the claims could be correct the blog is unreliable until proven to be evidenced based information. More research is needed in order to validate that the articles claims are not pseudoscience. Three claims the article makes are the following: taking folic acid (B- Vitamin) can prevent autism in babies, exposure to pesticides while pregnant can lead to lower IQ scores in kids, women who enter pregnancy overweight have children with higher risks of being delivered by C-section, asthma, and childhood obesity (Romm, 2014). The author starts the article claims by emphasizing how important it is to take vitamins, if sexually active, especially folic acid. Folic acid can protect against a variety of things during pregnancy. Folic acid can protect against neural tube defects, miscarriage, high blood pressure and more during pregnancy (Romm, 2014) The biggest claim to validate and focus on is what the author states folic acid can prevent next. The author states, “Folic acid… can prevent autism in your baby” (Romm, 2014). The cause of autism is under much research at this time, therefore this is a large claim to make. A recent study shows that the use of folic acid in pregnancy could potentially lower the risks of the offspring autism disorders. The Norwegian Mother an... ... middle of paper ... ...e that the real relationship is between the two factors is that maternal obesity can cause wheezing, which in the future, can cause asthma to develop. The blog gives good advice for a mother who may be expecting one, but is too broad at times. This little knowledge, the blog gives, can easily be misunderstood and be more harmful in the long run if taken out of context. A mother should take these steps to have healthy baby, but should also be informed of the reason why she should. The blog is a good source for tips every mother should do, but the mother must do more research in able to better understand the effects of her choices. If no further research is done the information in the blog should be taken at face value. In order for the blog to get it’s point across, the information needs to presented in a more evidence based manner rather than an easy quick read.

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