The Importance Of A Multicultural Society

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Introduction When migrating to another country becomes more and more popular and common, living and communicating with someone who has a different culture background naturally becomes more important. Australia, one of the most successful country in multicultural society, has many factors which made the country successful in maintaining a harmonic society. Three of these factors are policy, education, and the high level of acceptance between culture differences (Bastian, 2012, p. 67; Ozdowski, 2012; Bouma, 2015). Factor 1 Obtaining multicultural as a part of the identity of the country has successfully made Australia a multicultural society. One of the examples to demonstrate multicultural is a part of Australian identity is the cancellation…show more content…
Under a very supportive environment, students in high school managed to understand the meaning of being an Australian, which is an important part in building a harmonic multicultural society (Bastian, 2012, p. 67). By looking back at the old days, how people come from different culture background lived together, students are able to understand there are differences between cultures (Bastian, 2012, p. 67). Instead of discrimination against each other, students learn to accept these differences and there are differences between cultures (Bastian, 2012, p. 67). This has affected the attitude of students towards people from different culture background, the way they communicate and express their feelings, helping them to develop a better intercultural communication in the future which would be useful in workplace and social activities. By this, it helped students in understanding the multicultural history of Australia, finding out the meaning of being an Australia, helped creating a harmonic multicultural society, and promoted the value of Australian shares to students (Bastian, 2012, p.…show more content…
Unlike European countries, we have a higher level of acceptance when interact with people from different culture background, from businesses to the approach of media (Bastian, 2012, p. 67; Bouma, 2015). For instance, most of Muslim woman wear hijabs or yarmulkes to work as this is a tradition of their culture. In some European countries, this was forbidden. People thought that was inappropriate to present the companies’ image in this way (Bouma, 2015). However, in Australia, this was not a problem as people understand there are difference between different cultures. Employees and students in Australia are able to follow the rules, at the same time, keep their traditions (Bouma, 2015). Not only businesses and school are responsible to take away barriers between cultures, media is also responsible for this as media may affect the approach of people in intercultural communication (Bastian, 2012, p. 68). Bastian (2012, p. 68) mentioned that a balanced understanding between cultures is needed to be promoted, as when there was no prejudices or bias, it makes it easier to build a better multicultural

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