The Importance Of A Micromanager

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So you’re a micromanager; here’s how to fix that

Micromanagers aren’t bad people; they’re just bad at managing. More to the point, many aren’t even aware of their character flaw. Not sure where you fall under the micromanager spectrum? Here are the top 10 signs you’re a micromanager:
1. You believe that all roads lead to you—meaning you think you maintain the highest quality standards and that your employees can’t achieve the same result.
2. Lack of delegating keeps you busy on all fronts. You farm out the simple clerical work and leave the heavy lifting to yourself.
3. You’re the shadow of your employees. They never have the opportunity of working on their own because you hover around them, fixated on deadlines, project management, and results.
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When assigning tasks, you spell out how the project should be done, instead of allowing your team to complete the assignment according to their working style.
6. Projects seem to take forever to complete because you require updates at every turn of the project, often causing a bottleneck in production.
7. You habitually throw your weight around—just because. You’re obsession with control comes from a fear of failure.
8. Your staff is waiting on the edge of their seats for your approval. There is a paralyzing anxiety within your team because they fear your input, as it’s critical.
9. People always seem to be on the go when you’re around. There is little casual talk or inclusion during group meetings.
10. Your employees tell you you’re a micromanager.

Welcome to Micromanager Rehab

Any of these ring any bells? If so, chances are, you are a micromanager. Don’t fret for too long, as this is something you can work through.

Trust your team

Your people were not hired as an act of charity. They are talented individuals whom you hired to make the organization great. Your role as a leader is to allow your team to use their talents to improve the business. Give them the opportunity to use their skillset by letting go and having faith that they will prevail.

Become emotionally

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