The Importance Of A Literacy Narrative For An Assertive Reader And Writer

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English 1010 was exactly the class I needed to improve myself as an assertive reader and writer. This semester, I have learnt not only about genre and genre selection, but also using concise language, sources, improving drafting skills and overcoming writers block.

In How to Write Anything, the various genres and sub genres were displayed. This has helped to me to identify the genre of any paper based on the type paper I’m completing. For Example, I know that if I’m completing a product review, the genre of that paper is Evaluation. The first genre we looked at was Narratives, literacy narratives to be more specific. The Unit 1 overview educated me on what is a literacy narrative and what I should include for the first essay. After reading the textbook, I was able to construct a literacy narrative by bringing vivid details to life of my own personal experiences with writing and language. I learnt how to understand myself as a writer. Learning how to construct a Report was one of the most valuable skills I’ve learnt this semester. Unit II overview taught me how to carry out research, develop interview questions, integrate source materials and learn how to not be bias with information given. The textbook played a big part ensuring that I knew the different structures that can be used to create a report and avoid using conative language. Unit III helped me to not only figure out how determine an audience but to also understand them when producing evaluations. However, it was because of the textbook that I learnt how to decide and establish criteria. I can now analyze an advertisement not only because of the documents in Unit IV educated me on analyzing images, texts, subtexts, colors and appeals but also the textbook. The textbo...

... middle of paper ... I would begin an essay, I would often spend at least seven to ten minutes experiencing writers block. I would find it extremely hard to generate new ideas. However, when I got introduced to free writing exercises in English 1010, overtime I no longer faced this problem. In addition, I learnt how to increase my level of creativeness or find it easy to think outside the box.

As a freshman, learning how to maneuver throughout D2L was new for me. Thanks to English 1010 D2L document, I was able to understand how to find content, take quizzes and communicate with lecturers.

This course has been a valuable one, equipping me with skills I’ll remember when even after I graduate MT. Although there is still many more stuff I can learn to improve myself as a writer and reader, I am content with the improvement I’ve seen from when I first started this English 1010 course.
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