The Importance Of A Lifespan Perspective

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Some researchers believe that what makes a person who they are, as an adult develops from the event of infants to the gain and loses through toddlers, adolescence and early adulthood. The modern life span perspective involves the study of steadiness throughout one’s current life position witch is the result of experiences and moments that has influence before birth (Baltes, 1987). I have to believe that every single good or bad thing that has ever happened to me since birth or even before birth is preparing me for a moment, a dream that has yet to come. From analysing my decision to become a social worker, the modern lifespan perspective illustrates that this has certainly been the case for me. It only takes a moment to change the way you think, the way you feel and the way you act. During my period of infancy and preschool I was spoiled, as one could be coming from low middle class family in Brazil. I was loved, cared for and wished for nothing. However my father’s family thought, that since I had so much love from my mum’s family, that they would introduce me to the hatred and pain that the world could offer. I don’t remember a moment, which my father’s family showed any positive feeling towards me or my mum’s family. They thought of us as trash even though they weren’t better than us and I thought that the only good person that came out of my father’s family was himself. That is till I was five years old, and I watched from the shadow as my father kicked my mother, till she was no longer screaming or crying for him to stop. That is the most vivid memory I have as a child. I remember looking at my mother with blood on her arms, and wondering why she never took her arms away from her face, to try to protect the rest of her bod... ... middle of paper ... ...use I lost the ability to write in Portuguese. The last assumption that relates to my life is that development is a lifelong process, this key assumption relates to the events that occur not only through ones childhood and adolescent but from conception to death. One major event that occurs through my short life that has changed my life significantly was my attempt of suicide and depression. My depression was bought on by an event that has happened to me since toddler and it has influenced my choice of career as a young adult. In conclusion of this essay, the decisions that resulted of me studying to become a social worker are related to the modern life span perspective. The events that took place in my childhood have influenced the way I think and feel as an adolescent, and furthermore it has influence my entrance to young adulthood including my career decisions.
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