The Importance Of A Just War

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Others believed that we should take a more sympathetic approach, realizing that this was no longer a war in which we fought our enemy’s solely on the battlefield, with one side evidently losing due to a greater loss of combatants. Instead, many of us realized that this is war that cannot be waged on a battlefield, and that loss of life was not significant, as more terrorists will replace others who die in combat against the U.S and its allies. As a result, enacting attacks upon the terrorists will not accomplish anything, and will lead to more hatred because of the civilian casualties that occur during warfare. Taking a more sympathetic approach will lead us to a peace process more easily by working out the fundamental problems that have…show more content…
Bush invading Afghanistan, in hopes of destroying Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Controversies plagued the invasion, stemming from anti- terrorism tactics that were used to fight terrorism. Many civilians we also killed in the process, which angered those who live in the Middle East as well as human rights activists. The wars following the September 11th attacks also drastically changed the notion of a just war. Before the attacks happened, there was a general sense that engaging in wars were winnable, and that the wars that we fought in were fought were for the greater good. When the events of 9/11 occurred, people began to question whether or not if the new wars that we were fighting were winnable, as well as if the wars that we were fighting in were justified. New questions also arose about what counts as a state, because those who were involved did not belong to a certain country. The U.S believed that Al Qaeda does not count as a state as outlined in the Geneva Convention, which dictates the laws of war, because it is not part of a recognized country. Instead, they are a group that simply holds territory. Before the attacks on September 11th, we fought enemy’s that were from certain countries. After September 11th, we began to fight combatants that were not part of a country, which made it harder for us to find a solution to how we can defeat Al
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