The Importance Of A Happy Life

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Of course, everyone wants to be happy in life. No one wants a life full of hardships where nothing seems to go right. But happiness is defined in so many different ways. Some find happiness when others are happy or when they do good deeds, while others find happiness in tangible success, like money and health. A happiness project encourages and helps one devote more time and energy to find true happiness. Trying to find happiness in life is not selfish, but it is selfish to devote one’s whole life, and all their energy to just finding happiness. However, many researchers and authors would agree that the key to a happy life is balance; balance between searching for happiness and helping others find their happiness in life.
There should not be a difference in the amount of energy and time spent living toward a meaningful life and a happy life (McKeith). Each “type” of life feeds the other. A meaningful life can generate happiness in oneself (Esfahani), while a happy life can making other lives
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In this case, one lives a meaningful life, while living a happy life (Rubin). Helping a senior citizen cross the street brings happiness to oneself, and when others see that act of kindness, they want to help others too; it is like a chain reaction (Esfahani). One helps others which is living the meaningful life, and feels good about themselves, which is living the happy life. Yet, too much sacrifice while trying to live a meaningful life can be detrimental to one’s happy life. One has to find the perfect balance between too much sacrifice and too little sacrifice. Simply put, serving others and rewarding oneself should take the same amount of energy and time (Gordon). (trans) One should live a happy, meaningful life. The benefits are priceless. One makes an impact on the world, and at the same time, one finds happiness: everyone’s desire. No child wants to
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