The Importance Of A Family Nurse Caring For A Nursing Specialty

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In the past, nursing care has focused on individuals or communities of people, but in more recent years, the profession has begun to see the care of families as a nursing specialty (Hanson, 2012). The characteristics of a family impacts how they deal with and overcome stressors. Communication, respect, trust, and support contribute to the health of families by providing tools to solve conflicts and problems (Rowe Kaakinen, Padgett Coehlo, Steele, Tabacco, & Harmon Hanson, 2015). For this post I will consider a family that I have encountered, discuss the healthy family traits that they exhibit and identify the roles that I used as a family nurse caring for this family. In my current nursing role at an outpatient spine center, I don’t have many opportunities to interact with patients. Much of my work takes place at a desk and most face-to-face patient interaction does not last longer than 10 minutes. My function on the unit is to provide educational information about spinal injections and to troubleshoot scheduling barriers such as insurance authorization and care coordination with other physician regarding holding anticoagulants. A couple that I worked with recently are memorable because of the health issues that the family is dealing with. The wife is our patient and was a hospital administrator when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She had surgery to remove the tumor and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. The surgery has affected her memory so she must depend on her husband to remember the details of her care and to help with decision-making. She also has back pain and needs an epidural steroid injection. Unfortunately, if we perform the spinal injection while she is taking chemotherapy her injection wound wo... ... middle of paper ..., respect, communication, and listening are more likely to overcome the stressors that they encounter. In the example from my unit, the health issues that the family is facing are complex and emotionally overwhelming. Both of them they possess traits that help them cope with her memory loss and the effects of chemotherapy. She is exhibits trust by letting him collaborate with her providers and make decisions. He is shows respect, empathy and patience by reinforcing information when she is forgetful and he also shows support when he works with the care givers to develop the plan of care. When coordinating this family and the other health care staff, I filled the role of educator, case manager, and clarifier. As the specialty of family nursing evolves, nurses must find ways to prevent and treat disease, promote wellness, and manage rehabilitation care needs.
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