The Importance Of A Construction Worker

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The pyramids in Africa, to huts in South America, all the way to mansions in North America, all of these structures have one thing in common. They all need someone to make them, and that person is a construction worker. A construction worker is a person that everyone relies on; they play a little part in everyone’s lives. Many children find interest at a young age after building their first tower out of blocks, and then that tower 20 years later turns into one of the largest towers in the world. Construction is an opportunity for people to use their skills; it is best suited for people who understand all the aspects of the "big picture" as well as all of the little details in everything, from small houses to the Eiffel Tower. To start off, a Construction worker works countless hours and sometimes even nights to finish projects. Most work an 8 hour day, but that may turn into a longer time in order to finish the project ("Construction Worker"). Some days their work comes to a halt because weather stops or slows down work. They work both inside and outside jobs throughout the year. Construction workers are responsible for building bridges, new homes, highways, and various stores. Furthermore, “a construction worker also does little things like controls traffic passing near, in, or around work zones and cleans or prepares construction sites to eliminate possible hazards ("Construction Laborer : What They Do"). All of these tasks they do, they have to be able to withstand mother nature through the cold, heat, and rain. Throughout a normal day, a Construction worker works with families, businesses, colleagues, and many people looking for help building projects. There are some physical demands these workers need to be able to accommod... ... middle of paper ... ...rial Machinery Mechanic workers, they maintain and repair factory equipment and other industrial machinery or a Millwright, they install, dismantle, repair, reassemble, and move machinery in factories, power plants, and construction sites. (“”.) There are so many other jobs to fall back on if all the construction jobs are taken and each has its own advantage and disadvantage. The more experience a construction worker has behind them the more job opportunities they have to choose from. In general, people who understand all the aspects of the "big picture" as well as all of the little details in everything with find pleasure in being a construction worker. Construction workers help out others from building a new house for a family to creating the largest business industry ever. They give people someone to lean on and look up to when needing help with projects.
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