The Importance Of A College Education

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When it comes down to achieving a higher education and advancing our knowledge, we must first ask is a college education important? The simple answer is yes, it is very important to obtain a higher level of education. In today’s ever evolving world a four year bachelor’s degree has become the standard minimum and replaced the minimum of a high school diploma in many career fields. The simplest reason to inspire a person to get a college education is to achieve a better a career in order support you way of life. In this paper I will discuss the pros and cons that are often involved when discussing whether or not to obtain a college degree. I will use myself in many of the examples and show how the thought of college has changed my life,…show more content…
A higher earning potential is the main reason why many people choose to obtain a college education. Money does offer a sense of security to a person when they know they are able to live comfortably and save for their future. According to the United States Census Bureau, individuals that have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree make on average that ranges from $45,000 - $52,000 per year. This is nearly double the amount of an individual who has only obtained a high school diploma. However, this is only the nations average because once a person has achieved a college education, that person is most likely going to receive a promotion, a raise or a bonus based solely on their educational experience. Besides achieving an economic security blanket, a college degree provides you with a more developed and specific education. Although it is difficult to remember everything that you were taught within those four years, college prepares you for more critical and analytic thinking. In most cases, this creates a self-disciplined, task oriented person, of whom many employers seek out for their positions. Later in life, a college degree can create better life skills that can help when it comes to personal investments and finances, and buying and owning your own home. It has also been proven that people who have graduated college will more than likely have children who will attend and graduate college as
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