The Importance Of A Career In Nursing

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One question that I frequently get asked is “Why do you want to be a nurse?” Every time I am asked this question, I think back to the moment I decided I was going to pursue nursing. It has always been a career goal of mine since I was a child, so why is it so difficult to find an answer to the present day question? Through all of the late night studying, 5 A.M. clinicals, other people’s bodily fluids, and tears, why do people want to pursue this profession? My research goal is to have a better insight into others’ career choices and answer the question as to why people decide to pursue nursing.
Most people will say that they love to care for other people, that nursing is a respected profession, or that the money is fantastic. All of these things about nursing are true, but you have to have a better reason to be successful. Whatever the reason, choosing nursing as your profession is not something one should take lightly, so exploring the most common reasons and outcomes can be very helpful in making the decision to pursue this career choice.
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According to Marino (2015), Florence Nightingale experienced altruism, which is the unselfish concern for the awareness of others (Why Did You Become a Nurse?, para