The Importance Of 21st Century Learning

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Depending on what generation you were to ask you would probably get different responses of the need for 21st century learning. Older generations would probably tell you there is no need for all the technology out there, they would say want to learn go to a library and read a book. Most of your older generation (myself included) would tell you that all the technology we use for 21st century learning does nothing but help to make younger generations lazy. If you think back to learning 30 years ago when we still used paper and pen and didn’t have a computer to do research, we had to go to a library to research what we were needing. This is the ere I grew up in and I think of myself as intelligent, not having the technology didn’t hold me back any. I myself have had to learn how to use new technologies about the late 1990’s, did I do this because I couldn’t survive without it. I had to learn the technology to keep up in the workforce, I was somewhat forced to learn it if I wanted to progress in my career. I grew up in a generation of learning that consisted of using memory, and people skills. As technology takes off and advances so must the teaching of our young students to keep up with it, without the…show more content…
21st learning consists of learning technology, and learning how to use technology to learn, but it consists of changing the way in which we teach our young students to think. 21st century learning should consist of teaching our students how to think critically, how to problem solve, and how to be creative in their thinking. In the 1800’s they had books to learn in school, so in that ere that was the way to teach how to read, and how to do math, that was a great way for that time period but not in the 21st century. 21st century comes with new technology and technology that is changing on a daily basis, hard books are becoming almost
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