The Implication Of Ethical Leadership In An Organization

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Ethical Leadership in Organization
Rafael Pinto Raynanda, 008201400079

Ethical leadership is the implementation of leadership that has an ethical manner in the process of the implementation. Leadership is actually an activity of leading an organization or a group of people or the ability to do that thing. A good leadership can be applied by a good leader that has a good ethical manner inside them. The ethical leadership will be run effectively if the leader really make ethic as the foundation of the leadership process. The correlation between ethical leadership and organization is the organization need the ethical leadership in the process of the organization. Organization is a group of people that lead by one people
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The ethical leadership in the organization will help the organization to run well. The organization will grow more largely and will accomplish their goals with good satisfaction between the leader and the member. The ethical leadership in organization is being the foundation or the rules of the leader in order to make a good leadership in the organization. The good ethical leadership is not just run by the leader but also the management and the member. The management will be the system of the role of the leadership. The member also have an important role to make a good implication of the eathical leadership by trust the leader, if the member trust the leader it will make them to follow the leader and not betrayed to the leader. The good leader also need to have any other thing like charisma, the charismatic leader will lead a good leadership inside the organization. The member will respect to the leader and will follow the leader thought. To make the leadership run smoothly the organization need a good communication, if the leader and member have good communication it will reduce the unethical leadership. The good communication will respect to the good ethical leadership in the
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