The Implementation of City Development Plan in Turkey

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The human component, in increasing and provisioning productivity of constituting groups and structures, was understood at least as important as physical factors after 1929 the world economic crisis. After the economic crisis, understood that the human factor, in other words, the ideas of internal and external customers are also important that their preferences should be taken into consideration. Just giving importance to people is not enough for sustainable growth and productivity, from the 1950s quests are directed towards planning, strategy and providing competitive advantage. In this context of the planning functions as the long-term planning functions, planning, corporate planning, strategic planning and strategic management are possible to identify the aspects that have been given. Turkish Public Administration practice is dominated more every day by Strategic management philosophy, the step, Provincial Development Plans prepared and implemented at the City – Province - Turkey development axis, that will occupy Turkey's development strategy is considered as important.
When the changes occurring in the understanding of the world economy and development, and in the Turkish planning priorities taken together, starting from "city" scale development and an appropriate planning system that is the basis of the administrative division and the national management system approach should be developed spontaneously arises. To reduce disparities among regions to an acceptable level and for the development of a relatively underdeveloped regions, naturally, city and even starting from province levels, creation of a development and the planning system is required. Today's development approach and tools essential functions to ...

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...s from the central government. To inform the City about the Plan, to assure survey and fieldwork participation, in cooperation with Governors for introduction of the significance and scope of the provincial development plans, and works in the plan an booklet printed and was distributed to specialized commission members, industrial workplaces and in the provinces concerned. The full text of this booklet into a series of several days to be published in local newspapers are provided. on the websites Opened in the first months of the study and are still active, promotion booklet text, interim reports and industry reports have been provided, in a updated format that can be easily download, and about the reach of every moment to who concerned.
In addition, protocols made with Governors and city Development Plan to include the following topics are decided to be prepared:

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