The Implementation

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The Implementation

Brief Description


[IMAGE]I made the leaflet using publisher because it handles both text

and images well. This meant I could scan the images that Tom (the

manager) gave me on to the computer. If I wanted to keep a backup of

the images I would copy and then paste them into the correct place

leaving behind a backup file. If I did not want a backup file I would

cut and then paste the images into the correct place this way it

completely moves the file/image and does not just make a copy of it.

For the text I mainly used word art from word. I typed out the word I

wanted to become word art on word. I then used spell checker by

pressing F7 like the example below. (I could also press the ABC button

to get the same effect.)


[IMAGE]I then clicked the A symbol at the bottom of the screen, this

is the symbol for word art. It then comes up with a selection for the

type of style you want. I then clicked on the style I wanted. I then

copied and pasted my word into the field as shown below.

I did not change anything in the final design. Everything I used in

the final hand written design went in to the final design. I suppose I

have added in extra and taken away words in the final design. But

nothing worth mentioning really.


[IMAGE]I used publisher because it handles both text and images well.

I started of by choosing a blank publication of a poster. The only two

main things that I have used in the poster that I have not used in the

leaflet are watermarking images and auto shapes. To watermark an image

what you first do is insert an image say this one…

As you can see it is in plain colour and

when you try to write over it is either

hard to see or the text is the same colour

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