The Impeachment of Bill Clinton

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The Impeachment of Bill Clinton

The government of the United States controls countless affairs in the world. They control everything from the currency to the court systems. Individuals are suppose to be able to trusting your government system, which has not been the case in many different circumstances. From Richard Nixon to the Whitewater scandal, the government has been everything but honest.

Furthermore President Bill Clinton has not been honest either. He was the youngest governor of Arkansas and has been awarded with many different honors and still has misused his power. Bill Clinton has obstructed justice, carried on an affair while in presidency, and abused his power in office. He has also committed two counts of perjury and has lied under oath on more than one occasion. President Clinton should be impeached due to these countless acts of misconduct.

Clinton has apologized many times for a variety of incidences that he has committed. A linguistics professor, Debroah Tannen told Time Magazine that “ hardly ever apologize because doing so ‘entails admitting fault’ and that shows ‘weakness’...”(Carlson 44). Clinton has appeared on television many times admitting many things and apologizing for them. In the beginning of the Monica Lewinsky situation, Clinton said that he had not had a relationship with that woman, so “...why would Clinton now, after seven months of sustained lying, suddenly choose honestly?” (Carlson 44). Many people say that it started when he was handed too much power at the early age of 32.

Clinton started his life in the state of Arkansas and while he was still in high school, he had thoughts of being a doctor or a reporter. After meeting John F. Kennedy, his inte...

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