The Impeachment Of The House

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Impeachment is a long lengthy process where member of the House and the Senate are the decision as to if a president is allowed to stay in office after doing something seen to be unethical in their eyes. The House votes on the inquiry of an impeachment (The History Place - Presidential Impeachment Proceedings. (n.d.). The Judiciary Committee will then execute an investigation to see if enough evidence is provided deciding what charges supports their evidence (The History Place - Presidential Impeachment Proceedings. (n.d.). Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were all subjects to this process before their impeachments. This committee of people found these three presidents to be unethical in they ran the country and by the things they did in their private lives.
Andrew Johnson was the first president to be impeached in 1868. Congress felt as though Johnson violated the Tenure of Office Act Library of Congress (United States. National Park Service. (n.d.). Before he assassinated, Abraham Lincoln devised a plan that would be tolerant against the South who had been defeated and would soon be joining the Union again (United States. National Park Service. (n.d.). When Johnson became president, he had preoccupied thoughts continue to live by Lincoln’s plan (United States. National Park Service. (n.d.). The Radical Republicans did not agree with this plan and had other plans (United States. National Park Service. (n.d.). Neither of the two wanted to compromise. Congress felt as though Johnson had ruptured the Tenure of Office Act by removing Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War, from the cabinet (United States. National Park Service. (n.d.). Johnson was not allowed to do this without the consent of Congress. Johnson saw the Tenure...

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...ixon. Mr. Nixon had constantly found numerous ways to cover up all of his wrongdoing. Richard Nixon as also caught red handed by a tape recording of himself interfering with investigations to try to save his own self. Mr. Nixon was not believed to be living the way the people of this country would have wanted their President to be.
Out of all the great President’s this country has come encountered with, only have three impeached with the last being in 1998 is not bad at all. All in all, I do not believe all three of these presidents should have had to stand trial and be subjected to the impeachment process. We may not always agree with the reasons as to why impeachments happen, but I do understand there is a stand that President’s must live up to because they are constantly being watched daily on the way they behave and how they run this country.


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