The Impacts of Personal and Work Life Balance Practices on Performance

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1.1 Introduction In order to reduce work-life conflict and allow employees to manage their personal as well as professional life in an equally efficient manner, the concept of work life balance is gaining popularity amongst various organizations. There been a paradigm shift in the thought process of taking work life balance as only means of allowing employees to give equal attention towards their family responsibilities from only looking at them from the perspective of their contribution towards enhancing organizational performance and along with this it is also helpful in engaging employee and giving them a sense of pride to work in the particular environment. Due to rapid changes in the demographic and culture of workplace in a varied amount, the stretching between demands of home and work has become an important factor which leads to employees to look for organization providing better family friendly practices. The relevance of these policies are increasing day by day due to large number of working women, an increase in the number of single parents, unbalanced lifestyle, accepting to work after office hours. The priorities of each individual changes with the change in technology, lifestyle, culture changes, societal norms, etc. The conflict which occurs due to these changes among multiple roles that an individual have to perform forces them to leave the organization and join the other with better work life balance. In order to save cost associated with turnover and recruitment, the organizations are forced to introduce different kind of policies to retain their current employees. In case of managing human resource it is impossible to apply already known facts and figures because of different mindset of each individual. Due to... ... middle of paper ... ...ork but also his closed ones, in the current scenario its requirement cannot be denied by the organizations as it helps them in various ways which are explained earlier Due to rapid changes in the technology and lifestyle, it has become almost impossible to manage both office and home simultaneously without any support as the importance of both the parties cannot be interchanged, it is vital to create a fit between the two. With the help of several family-friendly practices an organization can encourage their employees to perform their all the jobs with equal efficiency. This section deals with how the study of work life balance would be beneficiary to different parties, the methods through which balance could be achieved, the major benefits they provide to both employees and organizations and what all could be the potential barriers in their successful execution.

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