The Impacts Of Shared Leadership In Health And Health Care

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There has been sufficient evidence shown over the past few years that teamwork, especially within leadership, directly affects the health care system in a positive way (Miller, Walmsley, & Williams, 2007). The Health Foundation, “made a decision to invest in a Shared Leadership for Change initiative – leadership development for teams rather than individuals – as a component of its strategic aim ‘Developing leaders to improve health and health care services’” (Miller, Walmsley, & Williams, 2007, p. 24). In most instances, when a group of people with the same set of goals come together to work towards that goal the results are usually better than individual work. The same concept is true for those with leadership roles in the nursing or any health care department. Shared leadership utilized in health care will have enhanced clinical team and…show more content…
Although I may not be in a leadership role currently, I can definitely utilize shared leadership in the near future as a nurse. There are many groups or committee available at participate in on my current unit. Therefore, shared leadership could help by making sure everyone within the group has a shared vision and accountability (Miller, Walmsley, & Williams, 2007). It would also be beneficial for the committees to have set time and place to meet so that they can reflect and plan (Miller, Walmsley, & Williams, 2007). Another role I could see myself utilizing shared leadership is future charge nurse. For instance, “shared leadership interventions have the potential to deliver multi-level benefits to clinical teams, to individuals working within those teams, to service delivery and to patient outcomes” (Miller, Walmsley, & Williams, 2007, p. 36). Therefore, as charge nurse I would do my best to make sure each individual on the team that day were active leaders within their sphere and communicated
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