The Impacts Of Design And The Impact Of Product Design

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Impact of Product Design
Consumers wants, industry demands; all organizations are faced with the having to create the best new product or service to stay competitive. In the quest for the perfect products, there are a lot of issues and risks that an organization must consider. One of those is how the product or service will impact the operations and supply chain. Throughout this paper the author will show how the design of the product impacts the operations and the supply chain, the importance of design process, the connection and relationship to the production process, the strategic options, and the differences between products and services. Impact of the Design
Product designs have a huge impact on the supply chain and operations,
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p159) Basically, it is a transformation of an idea, a need, or a want by the consumers into a product that satisfactory. Like any process there are stages to the design process and those consist of idea generation, feasibility study, rapid prototyping, the final test, and then the launching of the new product. Each stage of the process is important to the completion of the final product and will help identify if the product design is in demand, if there will be market appeal. It will show how aesthetically it will be for the consumers or industry. It is also important to design for costs and profits to understand how it will be produced and to eliminate flaws in the design through testing.
The Connection
When it comes to the decisions of the new product design and the production process there is a continuous interaction between them. They are directly linked together and those decisions cannot be made separately of one another. The continuous interaction means that product design is influenced by design of production process and similarly, production process design is influenced and changed by design of product. Each step is directly linked to other areas of the organizational aspects such as equipment required, the layout of the facility, and the organizational structure.
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In order to stay competitive a company must create new products and services. However, there are many things for a company to consider when deciding to create a new product like, what will be the impact of the design on the organizations supply chain. The organization must have a clear understanding of the importance of the design and how the design connects to the production process. The organization needs to determine if outsourcing is the way to go or to be completely vertically integrated in the production of the
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