The Impact on Health because of Lack of Sleep

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Getting a good night's sleep is essential to our health: without it, we suffer from fatigue, run the risk of falling asleep at inappropriate moments (like driving on a windy mountain road), and have difficulty focusing on work or study. Prolonged lack of quality sleep can lead to health issues like heart problems and stroke. How comfortable we are in bed has a lot to do with how well we sleep, whether it's the level of firmness and support in the mattress or other issues like allergies and night sweats. Whatever your issues are--and everyone is an individual with their own needs--if you don't have the right mattress, your quality of sleep will be compromised. It doesn't take a scientist or a research degree to figure out if there are any harmful chemicals in the products you purchase. However, surprisingly very few consumers research the chemicals that lurk into various products, trusting that manufacturers would not sell anything harmful to us. However, the fire retardant chemicals used in mattresses have caused a bit of worry among consumers lately. You might lose some sleep when you find out what exactly is in the foam in your mattresses, and even the ones that claim not to use chemicals may not be completely safe. Most mattress manufacturers don’t comply with the labeling requirements and blow dust in their consumers’ eyes by making false claims. Some mattresses are composed of highly flammable synthetic materials that can easily catch fire. Such mattresses result in an alarming number of fires and related casualties in the U.S. every year. To address the problem, the Consumer Product Safety Commission instituted flammability standards. In order to meet those standards, the mattress manufacturers use various fire retard... ... middle of paper ... ...rganic mattresses keep your bedding dry and have proven to reduce tossing and turning by 75%. 4. Support your back properly. Chiropractors recommend organic mattresses as the natural latex rubber supports proper spinal alignment and fits to your body shape. This reduces pressure on your joints that are further comforted by the natural cushion of the organic wool. 5. Enjoy the longevity of organic mattresses. Organic latex mattresses last longer because they include no polyesters or foams that flatten out or break down. Natural latex organic mattresses outlive synthetics. You should watch out for mattresses claiming to be an “organic blend” or “natural latex” as these marketing ploys do not offer true all-natural products. Many of these “natural” mattresses are stuffed with layers of synthetics and petroleum based fillers. Know what you’re getting before you buy.

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