The Impact of Technology on a Home Schooled Education

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The Impact of Technology on a Home Schooled Education

The field of technology is constantly improving, expanding, and changing. Over the past decade, Internet use and web-based communication have sky rocketed, enabling businesses, families, schools, and students to communicate more efficiently. An abundance of information is now available, literally, at the “click of a button.” This decade-long expansion of technology has had a remarkable impact on the effectiveness of home schooling, making sources available in seconds and instilling valuable life skills in each student that are vital for a successful future in this world of technological growth. The purpose of this research paper is to illustrate the positive impact of emerging technologies on home-schooled children, to demonstrate how technology is improving the effectiveness of these learning environments, and to display the augmentation of educational possibilities for students.

The impact of the Internet and the great quantity of its use in public and home schools has grown tremendously over the past decade. Now, many children have the luxury of logging onto an instant messenger program to chat with friends instantaneously or sign into their personal email accounts to check new messages. Years ago, the idea of email was unheard of and unknown of to most. Suddenly it seemed that practically overnight, everyone had a personal email account. With this came the words “You’ve got mail,” and there began a new era.

Email gave home-schooled students the advantage of being able to connect with others students easily. It connected students who live next door to each other to students who live in a complete different country. Email has facilitated the process of ...

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