The Impact of Technology on Education

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The Impact of Technology on Education

Technology has greatly affected and impacted the way things are presented and taught in the classroom. Technology has had a large impact on the materials that are used and the way we use these materials to teach in the schools. Most everything that is used in today’s classroom has been a result of technology. All materials, including textbooks and the Internet, have been invented and have had some connection to the growth of technology in the school setting.

There are many advances in technology that are now used in the classroom and have been very beneficial to the teaching process. For example, the invention of the printing press allowed textbooks to be mass-produced, which made them more readily available to all (Anderson 46). Schools could now have multiple copies of the text and would not have to go through the trouble of teaching the material without the children seeing it for themselves. The printing press made reading books and novels a way for everyone to become educated, not just children. Over time, other inventions of technology have grown rapidly and have become very useful in the educational classroom (Fisher 13). Technologies, such as typewriters and eventually computers and copy machines, have helped further advance the speed and sometimes quality of the teaching materials. The typewriter was the start of a personal printing device that allowed both teachers and students to present their work in neat, legible form. Recently, the computer has allowed for even better printing quality and more educational programs. Now, especially with the Internet, there is increased communication and new methods of research being conducted.

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...r research. While sometimes these sources are not reliable, computers crash and there is junk on the Internet, overall, these technologies contribute a positive glow in the realm of education.

As a Christian, I believe that the technologies in the education system have been a tremendous success and are very effective in their purposes. They help save time and also expand the learning environment to communicate to more people more effectively.

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