The Impact of Technology

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The Impact of Technology

With all of the new technology forcing itself into our lives, many of us can't help but get sucked into the excitement. So as we struggle to figure out where the future is heading, we ask ourselves is it good or bad? In my opinion, it's a little bit of both.

Everything we do uses technology. The computer that I typed this on is one of them. On page 28 in the textbook, there is a short story on how much we use computers daily. Our watches, ATMs, cars, TV’s, and Radio's all use computers to work. Imagine our lives without it. It would be tough, right? People have grown so used to the advantages of technology, life without it would be difficult for most of us. Cell phones are a very popular technology. People can be seen every day talking or carrying around a cellular phone. In larger cities they're seen almost everywhere. They can be used for business and personal use, and they are a important thing to have when in an emergency.

Technology changes every day making our society more and more advanced. A February 17, 2004 article from the Detroit Free Press talks about a new watch that does more than tell time. According to the article, you can customize the data your watch will receive and display. Plus you can set the watch to receive MSN instant messages, display your calendar appointments (if you have Outlook 2000 mail software), receive local, national and international weather data, and show news and custom stock information. The MSN Direct network uses FM radio band to transmit information to anywhere that can receive its radio reception. The watch receives its data from the FM signals and displays it on the watch. The watch is called the "Smart Watch" and is made by Fossil. The watch is r...

... middle of paper ... Delphi's XM Roady. Designed only for your vehicle it works through your tape player like the SKYFi model. The Raody costs about $119. I'm sure XM Satellite radio will become extremely popular. The idea of no commercials and more than 100 channels can suck just about anyone in. But how long will it be before commercials take over that too? Who knows, maybe commercials will have their own channel before too long. XM Satellite radios sound like a great idea and a great buy, but I think I'll be

waiting until they get a little cheaper.

For the most part I believe the future is heading in a good direction, with a lot more convenience for everyone. However, we need to be aware of the problems that can occur if we rely solely on technology. If there is a power outage, or you have an "opportunity," you won't be able to rely on computers or technology to help you.
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