The Impact of Teachers

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Throughout the ages, teaching has been a crucial part of our civilization. In ancient times, the elders were the teachers; people who had seen more of life than most other people. A teacher doesn’t always have to be human, either. The Indians believed that Nature itself taught them in ways that we, as people who have grown up differently, cannot understand. I believe that teachers come in forms that match the world they’re teaching in, to better lead us through life. Today teachers come in the form of trained professionals who can guide us through the mazes of technological, medical and psychological advances that exist in the 21st century. Teachers are patient and self-motivated to not only teach their students, but to also keep learning themselves. Advancement wouldn’t exist if we had teachers who didn’t learn past their college graduation. Change is necessary, therefore teachers change to accommodate. The most important teacher of today is, in my opinion, a high school teacher. They’re with you in the years where you essentially grow up into a functioning adult; what your teachers say and do will affect you a lot during these years. It isn’t just during these years that you’ll find exceptionally influential teachers though. In my 5th grade year I met a teacher who would not only encourage my reading and writing skills, but also inspire me in a way that would change my life. She inspired me to be a teacher and a writer, something that I know I will enjoy doing to the fullest. That’s why my future career choice is a high school English teacher. I love to share my knowledge, be around all different kinds of people and I also love to help people. But before I get there, I need to go through college, just like any other teacher who...

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... have to put into it, but I’m resolute. I will overcome the hurdle and become the best teacher I can be. After my high school career is officially over in June of 2011, I will go off to the Evergreen State College, get my degree and then work on getting the professional teaching certificate. I will take the teaching program provided at Evergreen along with other courses that will benefit my teaching career. This includes the second job I wish to pursue. I hope to become a creative, published writer as my second career preference. I’m determined to be a successful teacher and a writer, and believe that I have the capabilities to do so. I have confidence in my reading and writing skills, I’m a creative thinker and I get inspiration from the things around me. I’m known for being personable and have always known how to get someone moving and doing what they should be.
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