The Impact of Slavery and Segregation in Today's Society

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Slavery and Segregation are two components that have made a major impact on today’s society. Slavery is morally wrong, but many people still practiced it. Almost half of the nation believed it was wrong, but they were unwilling to do anything about it. The other half of the nation depended on slavery for producing goods, and this created a stalemate in the country. Freedom of slaves created segregation everywhere, and many black children could not attend school to be educated. Black children were not allowed to go to school with white children, leaving many black kids unable to read, write, and learn other subjects. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a story that took place in the southern half of the United States; it portrays the struggles that African-Americans have to go through. The story shows the evils of slavery, and how blacks get mistreated for absolutely no reason. The Bouquet was a story that took place in an inner city in the South. The story depicts how prejudice white people were toward African-Americans in segregated parts of the nation. At first, the white teacher believes that it is bad for her to teach black kids, but it the end she realizes how genuine and caring they are and changes her feelings toward them. Uncle Tom’s Cabin and The Bouquet introduce the harsh realities of slavery and segregation as well as how African-Americans show love for one another through good times and the suffering.
Although slavery has ended, segregation still has a lasting effect on American society. There are still African-Americans being mistreated in parts of the country, some people cannot get jobs and in recent time some people will not sell land to blacks. The mistreatment of African-American occurs in both stories. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin ...

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...African-Americans faced. Both stories used the main characters to help the reader see from new eyes as to how blacks were mistreated and underestimated. In The Bouquet, African-Americans were discriminated and were stereotypically uneducated and worthless. Ms. Myrover teaches the children basic skills and in the end of the book, blacks turn out to be capable of learning and are capable of being kind human beings. Uncle Tom’s Cabin descriptively explains the mistreatment and ill-fortune of African-Americans during the pre-civil war era. The book depicts how one slave saved the life of a young girl and he is punished. Slaves were simply treated cruelly and had no means of defending themselves or changing the minds of slave owners. Both stories portray the harsh treatment of blacks and assisted the start of movements important to correct treatment of African-Americans.