The Impact of September 11th on America

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The Western World is a constantly changing machine, steadily moving forward in technology, in quality of life, and in culture. These changes are usually controlled and consistent. The terrorist attcks that occurred on September 11th changed all of that. In one morning, four airplanes changed America's quality of life and culture. Americans belived it's country was invunerable to an attack. Two Generations have passed since the last attack on American soil, and that was thousands of miles of the mainland in Hawaii. The attack on Pearl Harbor changed the face of America, just as September 11th changed the face of America today.

The biggest national security problem America faced before September 11th was illegal immigrants. Post 9/11 America saw the biggest National Security lockdown in our history. A nation wide panic bankrupted numerous airlines who couldn't find anybody to fly.

Tourism took a dive along with our economy. Americans lost jobs and the country flinched every time the White House increased the terroism warning level. Every major city beilived themselves to be the next big target. Fear spread through the states like wildfire.

While pain understandably took hold across the nation. New York's pain is far more specific. It was the atmosphere in the city, the look on peoples faces, and the angereveryone had for the terrorists responsible. As I walked to the coffee stand right outside World Trade Center building number one, around 8:05 in the morning right befo...
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