The Impact of Religion on Mankind's History

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The impact that religion has by express mankind’s history is a phenomenal trait, even in 21st century human perceptions are beguiled highly on religion than any other episode. Majority of nations base their policies, economic stances and political associations on religion. According to the “Scriptures of the World's Religion”, religion is viewed as a communal system for which peoples believes are channeled to focus on unseen being, supernatural occurrences and revelation of the highest truth.
Hinduism- “Burning Dead Bodies”
Documentary record reveals that Hinduism is one of the dominant religions across the globe, mainly practiced in India subcontinent with a current population of over 700 million people. The religion is mainly dominated by diversity, and its ability to accept any doctrine or practice. Majority of the Hindus are monotheists while others are polytheists. Hinduism as a religion, however, is stern in their authoritative traditional practices such as burning of the dead bodies. To them, “the concept of life after death is usually vague practice” (Fieser 15). They believe that their first man to die Yama had a clear reference to the world of the dead. Through the hymn book, Agni is requested to burn the corpse of the dead and ensure that it is disposed of promptly to the land of the dead. The Agni call explains why globally, the Hinduism devotees are practicing crematories (Fieser 16).

“The Beneficial Effects of Drinking Soma”
The identity and utilization of the plant referred as Soma among the Indians is one of the greatest unresolved mysteries in the study of Hindu religion. This sacred plant was regarded as a god, especially when presented during the time of worship to the worshiper to provide powerful attribut...

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...n Buddhist religion. The Buddhist scriptures also provide a great emphasizes on the need to honor and value women as the perfection of creation (Fieser 102).
Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam are just a few remarkable religions with distinctive characteristics that are recognized in the world today. As it is expressed by “Scriptures of the World's Religion”, and I quote “the living world will always continue to express their religion and ensure that it occupies the greatest sphere,” this issue stands to date. To their best, all the world religions are striving to control the sphere and remain relevant in accordance to their stipulated doctrines.

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