The Impact of Propaganda

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Both negative and positive, propaganda affects our lives daily sometimes without us even acknowledging that it exists. The main goal of propaganda is trying to sell your product or idea to other people, one major form of Propaganda occurs in the news. Propaganda is used for companies and trend setters who want to get their products and ideas out in the world so that they could potentially become popular. Smart propagandists discovered that to create the best propaganda, the viewer must not even realize that the product or idea is being sold to them. Propaganda creates an extremely large impact on us and is sometimes mistaken for being “just another advertisement” when they actually change the way we live our lives.

Many viewers believe and trust everything that propaganda shows us, although, not all propaganda is verifiable or in accordance with the facts. Propaganda is usually exaggerated to try to get the point through to the viewer. Propagandists use many techniques such as glittering generalities, which is making their product or idea seem fantastic and great when it may actually not be. Propagandists also do the opposite by making something seem extremely terrible, when it might not even be that bad because they want the viewers to dislike that certain idea. This technique is used a lot in news to either pass bills, or try to elect a candidate that the propagandists want. They use propaganda viewers’ blind minds to their advantage for getting their message through to them. When people view propaganda they could be taking in false information by being lied to. This gives the viewers an opinion on the subject although, that opinion was created upon fake or exaggerated information not allowi...

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...f they had no prior knowledge about the topic. Propagandists take every chance they have to use a viewer’s blind mind to their advantage. They will lie, exaggerate and do anything it takes to make people believe what the propagandist views as right. It is almost impossible to present anything without being bias whatsoever. Imagine writing an article about a war between your country and another one. The writer would most definitely be bias towards their country because without it the article would be boring and factual. For instance, this essay is bias because it is my opinion on propaganda while others may have a totally different one, I am trying to sell, or convince you that my stand on propaganda is the right way to think and that you should too. Propagandists use news as a propaganda machine and will hide propaganda in anything that they get the chance to.
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