The Impact of Illegal Drug Use

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The future of the world rests upon teenagers who are coincidently using illegal narcotics, which contain harmful psychological and physical side effects. Young adults do not deal with their problems in a healthy way; instead they turn to drugs as an easy outlet. Drug addictions result in negative surroundings, hurting their loved ones and the people who care the most about them. Narcotics can majorly affect the brain and dull the senses, decreasing mobility, and the psychological well-being. Drug users are an everyday epidemic; people are no longer affected by the repetitive reports of death by overdose (Leinwand). In fact, it is expected, the numbers of these victims increase rapidly in such a magnitude that causes people to eventually become numb of the idea (DrugScope). Protectively, there is an alarming increase of drug abuse at all schools, including private. Studies show that at least 31% of ninth graders, under the age of eighteen, have smoked a cigarette (Library–Drugs). Many students sway towards cocaine, heroin, crack, marijuana, and other narcotics; all these illegal drugs come with an intense addiction that requires years of rehabilitation to get over. There are thousands of drugs, the most popular are illegal, foreign and intoxicating to the young adults, all of these narcotics contain anonymous names to keep parents and police from detecting their illegal activities. There are different types of drugs and different reasons as to why individuals begin to experiment with them. For instance, disappointment from family, friends, relationships or school, seems like a good enough reason for young people to result to drug use (Schneur). Every drug has side effects on the nervous system, connecting to the brain. Cannabis... ... middle of paper ... ...ocesses of Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric, 1994. 24-27. Print. Leinwand, Donna. "Prescription Drugs Find Place in Teen Culture." USA TODAY [Lenexa] 12 June 2006. Print. "Library - Drugs: How They Affect Your Body." ThinkQuest. Oracle. Web. 08 Feb. 2011. “Over the Counter Drugs | Drug Facts |” National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign. Web. 01 Feb. 2011 Schneur, Jenna. “Why Do Teens Use Drugs | Time To Act.” Teen Drug Intervention Time To Act. Purdue Pharma L.P. 2011. Web. 01 Feb. 2011. “Test Your Brain | Facts |” National Youth Anti-Drug Campaign. Web. 29 Jan. 2011 “The Science Behind Drug Addiction and Use | Facts |” National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign. Web. 02 Feb. 2011

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