The Impact of Drugs on the Body

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Drugs are in existence in about every society in this world. Whether it is to get a “high” or be used as a medicinal technique, they exist just about everywhere. How societies deal and accept different types of drugs can be very different. Some societies embrace the use of drugs to where the drugs are not illegal and used for a recreational use. A good example of this would be the Netherlands legalizing Marijuana so it could be smoked out in public. Other societies, such as the US, force a negative stigma on a person if they got caught with more hardcore drugs such as heroin or cocaine. There are many different types of drugs out in the world, but few really stand out; Alcohol, Marijuana, Methamphetamines, Pharmaceuticals and Phencyclidine or better known as PCP and Angel Dust. Understanding the psychological and physical problems that drugs can cause to a person underscores the need for countries around the world to regulate the availability and consumption of drugs.
Alcohol is the one of the most used drugs worldwide. Alcohol can be used for various things such as; being used as a treatment to disinfect a wound or used as refreshment on calm Friday nights. The consumption of alcohol can have various effects on everyone. It may for one person calm them down and make the sleepy since alcohol is a depressant whist for another person it can make them become energetic and start to participate in stupid actions. It can have severe effects inside of your body. Moss states, “Alcohol is one of the most commonly used drugs worldwide, and when used excessively it has deleterious effects on almost every organ system” (Moss 1). Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol will shut down and start to deteriorate the liver to a point of where it ...

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