The Impact of Divorce on Children from 0 to 3 Years Age Group

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Divorce happens more than we wish it would. Actually, rates show that about half of all marriages in the US end in divorce. It is very difficult for parents to have to conversation telling their kids they are getting divorced. Especially for the mother; it is nature for them to worry about what they will think and how they will take it. They ask themselves if they will blame her, or that it is her fault and that is the very last thing they hope for. My parents actually got divorced 5 years ago. Me being 13 and my brother being 10, I noticed it was a lot harder to get over the pain compared to a much younger child where they could not remember much. I noticed that my brother and I reacted to the divorce very differently. He was quiet about it and did not say much. Me on the other hand, I broke down the second they told me and took me a while to get used to coming home to just my mom or just my dad. Seeing divorce on my topic sheet sparked my mind to researching it considering I have divorced parents. I am very intrigued in learning about the different reactions in the different ages since I never had the answer on why my 10 year old brother reacted the way he did. I will be providing examples of different situations that resulted in divorce with adults and the impact on the different ages on the children of the parents.

What Are The Effects of Divorces on Different Age Groups

No matter what age, all children need time to adjust to the astronomic change in having divorced parents. Since the day we are born, we are use to having both a mother and a father; the thought of them not possibly loving each other anymore is very baffling. Ages react very differently to divorce and can result in much misbehavior later in life. In fac...

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...f crankiness and regression with a child at this age going through divorce because reality is, is that their lives are upset. The first couple of weeks will be the toughest towards the baby. These reactions of crankiness may last for a while, but will be only last for a short period of time depending on how understanding and comforting their parents are. If the mother shows a lot of negative emotions to the baby, the longer it will take for the stage of regression to fade away (Children of Divorce: Stories of Loss and Growth 2004). The father in the relationship needs to recognize that in the first year of life, the child develops a strong relationship with the mother. The mother creates a sense of security for the child which can sometimes be confusing to the father. He needs to understand the relationship in order to avoid a sense of jealousy towards the child.

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