The Impact of Disparate Treatment on Society, Business, and My Personal Experiences

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Disparate treatment has the potential to impact society, business, and my own personal experiences with a career in or outside of business in the future. Disparate treatment has an impact on my life today due to the restrictions and measures placed on any possible employers I encounter as I work part-time as a student. Since disparate treatment is the unfair treatment of an individual based on any one of the factors of sex, religion, disability, race, age, national origin, there is a broad category of people protected by this rule of law.
Disparate Treatment’s impact on society can be viewed in two ways: 1) the way in which it impacts those who might otherwise be discriminated against due to factors they cannot control, and 2) the way in which it holds employers accountable for their principles of hiring and employing those of protected classes. Because these classes are protected, the rights of many more people are protected and they are encouraged to seek out employment opportunities. This causes a decrease in the national unemployment rate and also increases the nation’s GDP. The result of employers being held accountable is that a higher percentage of employers may use disparate impact if they wish to purposefully discriminate in the hiring process. A positive that may result from employers’ accountability, however, is that employers can use this equality to encourage more applicants from protected groups who might otherwise think that they would not be selected due to their status as being in a protected group. For example, this might encourage more women to apply for an executive position that has only been given to men in the past.
The impact that disparate treatment has on businesses is vastly underrated. As stated previ...

... middle of paper ... they and their children can have better lives. Furthermore, this reinforces the idea that the rule of law against disparate treatment helps the national GDP grow as these people bring in more labor and human resources which grow the economy. These people bring with them their culture and new ideas, enriching the United States with a cultural diversity and even more innovation.
Disparate treatment helps set our nation apart from others where not every group has the opportunity to advance themselves and they are stuck like “sticks in the mud”. Our nation can be viewed as a larger version of a “company” which, knowingly or not, competes with other nations in attracting the best and the brightest so that we ourselves can innovate. Perhaps the promise of innovating and improving ourselves to be the best we can be is the biggest impact that disparate treatment offers.

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