The Impact Of Tourism On Tourism Industry

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CHAPTER TWO Accommodation operations such as the hotels, it has been indicated that, the hotels have an important influence on tourism industry since they facilitate the provision of food and accommodation to the tourists. A large hotel may cater for both business and leisure guests, business guests, usually Monday to Thursday, and a short break guest from Friday to Sunday. Horwath consulting, a London based consultant group, has calculated that, for hotel sector, 19% of demand comes from holiday tourism while 41.6% comes from business. Conference and delegates account for 17.9%, government officials 1.3% and other categories 20.3%. The different balance of demand and this will vary according to the location of the hotel and time of the year. In addition an accommodation will get a certain amount of its demand from the local community and this may be in the form of meals in the restaurant or use of the public bars but could occasionally extent to the accommodation side. The history of development of the accommodation industry shows the importance of location to the successful operations of the accommodation unit that is in the most prominent and best location for a particular type of customer, though this may change overtime. A consequence of the fixity of premises is that all customers must be brought to the accommodation. This stresses the importance of raising customer awareness of the availability of the product and making it as easy as possible for customers to find the premises. This raises the issues of accessibility and transport networks, (Tim 1998). ISSUES IN THE HOTEL SERVICE There are numerous existing theories and models of product and service, mostly developed for use in other sectors. They have been reviewed and s... ... middle of paper ... ...rge numbers if people when cooking, cooling and storage facilities are inadequate. With increase in number and variety of premises distributing food in a hotel, in a cooked and ready to serve state, there has been a rise in number incidents of food poisoning associated with cooked meat and paltry. The clients or guests has no control over the preparation of a dish and may tend to purchase already contaminated food with organisms like salmonella and listeria which will cause illness to the customers and hence the hotel food health and safety standards are eroded. Furthermore, the same author argues that, the wrong storage temperature will also facilitate the growth of bacteria multiplication to levels resulting in food poisoning, due to excessive power cuts in Zimbabwe, hotels experiences such a problem. HOTEL OPERATIONS BY A NON-COMERCIAL ORGANIZATION

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