The Impact Of The Social Construction Of Health And Illness

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“Society does not consist of individuals but expresses the sum of interrelations, the relations within which these individuals stand”. Karl Marx This is a quote from Karl Marx which expresses the great impact societal relations and social constructions have on the individual and their outlook on the world. This is an important concept in the dealings of several social issues sociologist deal with. But this plays an even bigger role in the growing social problem of the social construction of health and illness. Americans have this need to run to the doctors with every little ache and pain forming an dependency on those in the medical field. I heard a joke recently that spoke heavily on this issue of medical dependency. An elderly man was seated…show more content…
Along side that desire Americans also long to be over treated, we need more pills and surgeries, and do not mind risking our lives to receive them. Both of these huge social issues within the health field stem from one main social discrepancy, the social construction of health and illness. It is the socially defined definition of health and illness, the social interactions and reactions with health and illness, and the great influences society has on ones mindset that act as an domino affect in the great debate of health as an social…show more content…
Humans play a huge role in the formation of social contractions. In fact Symbolic Internationalist place an huge emphasis on ones individual relations and interactions as a way of forming their actions and responses, not the set societal structures such as the government or media. It is the small interactions one has that cause them to act and respond in certain ways and that is defiantly the case for the social construction of health and illness in society. Along side with the great emphasis on individual relations Symbolic Internationalist narrow down and place a big importance on the part talking and relating with one another has in forming an societal constructions. When we interact with one another and even experience different things we form new definitions. For example HIV is an disease that is often frowned upon in society. We all assume that those who have it are promiscuous, their just sleeping around and being wild. It is not till we meet someone with the illness or learn that some are born with the disease or have been raped that our view of the illness change. Our interactions, conversations and knowledge about and with illness and health help us to form new definitions; and all three of those factors are influenced by

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