The Impact Of The Civil Rights Movement

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The 50s, 60s, and 70s was a harsh time in the American society. Roles and characters were continuously being changed. Events, like the war, produced disorder in the lives of many Americans, and everyone was rushing around to find his or her place in society. The same was greatly true for the blacks in America. No general movement had a more insightful result on the lives of Black Americans than did the Civil Rights Movement. The rank of Black Americans would be redefined to a radical step. Civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X would bring the foundation to the national stage. Although the movement was overwhelmed with violence and death, it was ultimately effective. The South was completely changed to where all men are truly created equal (“The Civil Rights Movement”). The civil rights movement was the time in America in which blacks and other minorities started getting more freedom and more equal rights. This movement required numerous brave leaders and many life changing actions occurred in order for America to become the united nation that it is today. Protests and boycotts took place almost every day. Some were violent and others were not. Throughout this period in time, civil rights leaders inspired many other African Americans to protest for their freedom and their rights to be able to do the same activities and obtain the same conduct as the White American (Doby). In an interview conducted with Johnny Duncan, we both came to the conclusion of all levels of schooling, public transportation, and other every day places slowly, but surely, became integrated thanks to the specific movements that happened during this time. One of the first major events that happened was the Brown v. Board of Educatio... ... middle of paper ... ...come a long way in relations of integrating herself over the past years. Minorities all have equal rights and although there still is racism today, it is a lot less than there was back then. Although there were many events, strikes, walks, and other influential happenings during the civil rights movement, a handful of those events especially stuck out to me the most. Duncan pointed out that he believed one of the best advantages of the Civil Right Movement was the peace and allowance of all races being able to do the same things without being persecuted, but he also pointed out that a disadvantage that came from this movement is what he called affirmative action. From integrating schools, thanks to Oliver Brown and the Little Rock Nine, to integrating buses and juries, thanks to Parks and Hernandez, American society today is a fair and equal one that is just to all.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the civil rights movement had a more insightful result on the lives of blacks in america. it was overwhelmed with violence and death, but ultimately effective.
  • Describes the montgomery bus boycott, which allowed for buses to be integrated and black people were allowed to drive buses.
  • Explains that the first time the court system became integrated was after the hernandez v. texas case in 1954.
  • Opines that the civil rights movement was absolutely important to america's growing as a nation.
  • Narrates how the little rock nine were the first black teenagers to attend all-white central high school in 1957.
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