The Impact Of The Automobile Industry

he American auto industry has seen many changes since its first car was built. From steam powered vehicles to electrical automobiles, the industry has literally paved the way for some of the most innovative ideas the world has ever seen. However, to remain in the forefront, the industry has had many obstacles stand in its way.

Global competition in the industry

There are many trends that can affect the US automobile industry. Today, the biggest impact globally for US automakers comes from East Asia, China specifically. In 2014, China produced 23,722,890 vehicles (Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles), with car makers in Europe coming in second with 16,976,883. This put the US in third place, with over 11 million vehicles produced in 2014. For many years, the US was the industry and
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The most prevalent of these gases include carbon dioxide, and sulfur oxides to name a few. Many of these gases can cause cancer and can affect human health in a number of different ways. Coupled with the affects of global warming, these pollutants can get into the soil, and waters we drink. They can harm respiratory and reproductive health, (Jennifer King, Demand Media, How Does Car Pollution Affect the Environment and Ozone Layer). The US has many standards car manufacturers must abide by. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) governs this type of testing, and each state has their own rules. California rules are the most strict. The EPA establishes air quality standards, and tracks the emissions from “carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particle pollution and sulfur dioxide,” ( “The amounts and types of emissions change every year,” ( Traffic is only one factor that contributes to this change, and recently car manufacturers have made greener vehicles to allow for fewer emissions emitted from

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