The Impact Of The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake In 1906

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The San Francisco earthquake that took place in 1906 is fairly well-known because of its damage and intensity that would affect many lives. The online exhibit of The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire shows how much was lost during this natural disaster, and how the city was before. Many would wonder what is the purpose of documenting how it was before, and after the earthquake, but the fact that no one was expecting one so big impacted countless lives. Also, at the time San Francisco was becoming the most popular city, therefore it would appear in the headlines how a well-known place that most people loved would become damaged (The Bancroft Library, 2006). Overall, this virtual field trip shows the cause and effect of the earthquake that would change San Francisco in numerous ways. There are three sections to check out in The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire. One of them is an online exhibit, which one can explore different rooms that start from the beginning of San Francisco of the 1906 earthquake and fire, and finally to rebuilding the city (The Bancroft Library). The second section is an interactive map that lets a person see what the regions looked like when they were…show more content…
There are nine regions to explore, and within those regions include locations (The Bancroft Library). In addition, by going into the regions, a person can view images of the old buildings back in 1906, and see how it was compared to today. It is very interesting to be able to see the past through photographs that one can enjoy. Finally, the last section, a person can view the panoramic picture of San Francisco when it was destroyed by the earthquake in 1906. This view can show the aftermath of the earthquake that is infamously known for it 's damaged, and have people realized what an unfortunate event this was in
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