The Impact Of Television On The Twentieth Century Through New Media And Convergence?

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To what extent has television smarketing changed and developed since the twentieth century through new media and convergence? Throughout the course of this project, I will be covering how different case television shows use marketing platforms as well as advertisements to gain and keep an audience engaged; how older television shows used to be marketed to the older generation and how the older generation feel about technology and television today. I will be undertaking primary research to find whether peers believe that having advertising and marketing over different platforms are successful. Primary research will be taken place on 'Survey Monkey ', an online means of producing surveys that can be shared on social media. This will consequently increase the amount of responses to my surveys, as those that are connected to me on social media will be able to forward my survey onto their online friends. One on one interviews with my parents will be another means of primary research that I will be using for this project. To do this, I will be questioning the older generation as to whether they believe that society and television were more desirable without the use of social media as a means of advertising. This research will be in the form of a one on one interview with my parents. I will be using secondary sources for providing opinions to expand and develop arguments. To do this I will be using the following sources: Crisell, A. (1997) An introductory history of British broadcasting) “analyses the current state of British Broadcasting in Britain and argues that the era of traditional broadcasting is coming to an end.’; Mee.L (2014) Cinema, television and history: new approaches, Chapter 8 specifically goes into detail on television ... ... middle of paper ... ... cannot sit down and watch an advert without being distracted with their phone or another means of technology. This is a clear example about how our attention spans have declined rapidly. Another example would be during YouTube adverts, where one can, be directed to the video through a ‘Skip Advert’ link directing the viewer to the video that they searched for, causing no interruption to their leisure, in turn. 57.14% of my 63 respondents stated that they prefer to stream their favourite television shows on providers such as ‘Netflix’, ‘4oD’, ‘Amazon prime’ as well as ‘BBC iPlayer.’ The reason as to why streaming services could be a more popular option could be due to that services such as Netflix offer ‘a free month’ of streaming, as well as very agreeable prices. My final two questions were also open and will be mentioned in my concluding paragraph.

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