The Impact Of Technology In The Novel Oryx And Crake?

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Over the past few decades, society has been ceaselessly advancing in the field of science. From smartphones to genetic modification, humans have been consistently developing new technologies. But how often have we stopped to consider the future implications these technologies can bring? While they generate profit, technology can also unevenly distribute wealth as a result of this profit. In the novel “Oryx and Crake”, Atwood shows the possible economic aftermath of an uncontrolled scientific journey that leads to the downfall of the human race through examples such as genetically modified crops, synthetic diseases, and miracle pills. On example of scientific advancement in the novel is the genetically modified coffee bean: Happicuppa. Atwood writes: “Until then, the individual coffee beans on each bush had ripened at different times and had needed to be handpicked and processed and shipped in small quantities, but the Happicuppa coffee bush was designed so that all of its beans would ripen simultaneously, and coffee could be grown…show more content…
Even though scientific advancement can improve living conditions and solve global issues, it can create them as well. As seen through the genetic modification of coffee beans, the creation of profitable diseases, and the development of the BlyssPluss Pill, the profits generated through technology trigger human greed. This greed leads to extreme capitalism that feeds the economic gap of society and puts the world in control of gigantic corporations. The growth of technology is only beneficial up to a certain extent, otherwise it could lead to catastrophic results through misuse. Atwood’s novel can serve as a warning against intense scientific progression. We as a society must heed that warning to control the potentially destructive technology civilization is so eager to

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