The Impact Of Technology And Today's Impact On Society

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The Impact of Technology on The Society Each and everyday our lives are impacted throughout the technological advancements in our society. When people wake up, the first thing that they usually do is check their phone, or turn on their TV. It’s amazing how much technology we use all in one day. Major technological companies have caused this huge impact on us. If it wasn’t for these companies, then there wouldn’t be the necessities that we use today. People have always been around to start their own company, in all types of fields. The motivation that goes throughout their everyday minds in order for their company to succeed can be very overwhelming. People start companies in order to help the society in one way or another. There isn’t a…show more content…
But what we do realize is the change that contributes to our community right after the impact. The observations with how technological companies advance has to do with the move of the people ( The main objective for the companies is to get an understanding for what the people want, to get an understanding for what the people are demanding. They pay attention to how we do live our everyday lives, and how they can contribute their products in our needs. Companies such as Samsung, Apple or, LG put their main focus on how they are able to change our lives. For example, with Samsung they risk all their technological advances to create devices that are new to mankind. One of the many smartphones that Samsung has created, the Galaxy Note Edge. The phone has a curved edge which comes useful to see any notifications, without having to turn on your phone multiple times ( This idea has to be very different from what people are used to seeing on a daily basis. It 's not everyday that you see a phone with a curved screen. Ideas such as these make the customer or client in a sense feel that the companies knows what they are looking for. Innovations such as these are constantly changing, these advancements are something that people looked forward to, in order to see how much impact they can have on their…show more content…
Thinking about 40 years ago we think about ancient time periods, but around that time is usually when we started to generate an easier way to communicate.The first block phone, as we can say was a huge step in the development of communication, but it doesn 't compare to the useful resources of the smartphone.In April 3, 1973, Martin Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola, called a rival communications company and informed them that he was speaking via mobile phone. This one of the first mobile phones in which you were only able to talk for about thirty minutes ( Motorola created the use for the device that way people were able to talk to someone at any given time of day. Of course, that kind of technology doesn’t exist anymore due to the major technological advancements, which happened along side the growth of the company. A company is which started out as a battery eliminator plans and manufacturing equipment, has now turned into a multi-million dollar in which Google has purchased. In the 1920s when the company has first started their first payroll of the week was only about 63 dollars ( Come to think of how things are the only real impact on the company is how the people manage to captivate the sense of technology that Motorola was able to offer. We no longer use block phones which only let us talk for a limited amount of time. The development
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