The Impact Of Swing Dance On American Culture

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Brooke Whitby Britta Peterson Dance History May 4 ,2016 . Swing Dance Influences History is constant . The universe is forever creating history that effects the present and the future . I would like to focus on one aspect of history that has and will forever influence America today . Swing dance is a crucial element in the develop-ment of American culture . Swing dance is a style that could only have developed in America during the 1920 's and have the impact that it did . Without swing dance in America , American culture would be different in every aspect . Everything we know to be true today would not have existed were it not for Swing dance in America . Swing dance is defined as a group of dances that developed with the swing style of jazz music in the 1920 's-1940 's with the origins of each dance preparing the popular " Swing Era " . Jazz music and swing dance both came from African American influences . At the time , the civil war had ended and WW11 was on the horizon . Out of this depression in America , there was a surplus of creativity bubbling . " So there was this balance in American mentality- we had to keep a positive attitude despite the fact we couldn 't quite shake out our fears or ignore the reality of war . " America in the 40 's (pg.8 ) . Because America was trying to stay positive , people turned to music and danc-ing to stay positive during this tumulus time . African Americans brought their African culture to America including their dance styles and because music and dance were booming , African dance styles took on an American feel and birthed a new form of dance that we know as swing dance . African American dance was based on move-ment that was for their gods . This is the element that... ... middle of paper ... me to push dance forward . If dance is not pushed forward and innovative today , it feels that all the work of our ancestors has been in vain . African Americans were treated horribly and went through pain and suffering but with all the horrible acts that were done at the hands of slavery , some-thing beautiful evolved . This inspires me to work hard because if I do . So I am sure I will create something wonderful . Swing to dance has majorly influenced today 's American society and me as an in-dividual . I am so grateful that history provided a way for swing dance to be created in America during the 1920 's . Swing has forever effected the past and the future and has altered our lives . " To exist outside of it was either an admission of incompetence or an act of rebellion ." . DeVeaux 119 Swing to dance was and is everywhere . It cannot be avoided or ignored .

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