The Impact Of Sustainable Tourism Development

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Executive Summary:
This research paper shows most tourism sustainability issues will happened in our travel life. The paper will combine ten articles to describes kind of sustainability issues, reason of sustainability issues, recommendation, and point of views about those sustainability issues; and analyze the ideas and arguments presented in each article to get better conclude. A lot of professional vocabulary will appear in this study. Research analysis shows that sustainable tourism development is challenging in the future. It contains three aspects: economic, environmental, and cultural policies. Finally, we point out that the most argumentative arguments can be solved.
Sustainable tourism means that it tries to have a positive
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They believe that there is a huge consumption of tourism. This is a challenge to sustainable development. Sustainable tourism should reduce negative costs to maximize profits. The main part is that economic impacts, social impacts, cultural heritage and environment and so on.
Economic Impacts:
The local economy has potential impact on sustainable development. The method of economic impacts analysis has research to festival and event. Also, there analyzes post econometric analyses, cost-benefit analyses, input-output analyses, and computable general equilibrium analyses. (Tommy D. Andersson, Erik Lundberg 2013) The challenge is that every country wants to maintain its economic growth and develop a sustainable tourism development strategy. In the economic impact of tourism, African is a good example to analysis. Some researchers have proposed to hypothesis that tourism has become a major factor in overall long-term economic growth. the government is an important to economic development at tourism industry. International tourism income is the main source of foreign exchange earnings and the source of export revenue. The relative contribution of tourism to exports, employment,
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If there are 7 billion people on Earth, this gives everyone an average of 1.7 global hectares. The amount of resources used per festival visitor is equivalent to 0.073 global hectares during the holiday season. Considering that the average stay time is 2.44 days, if the holiday visitors use the same resources throughout the year, it means that the resource usage is 10.9 global hectares. This is more than six times the average amount of human resources processed. (Global Footprint Network, 2010)
Environment impacts has a main point is Carbon and other emissions. There are 773 tons of carbon dioxide includes all greenhouse gases such as methane, perfluorocarbons and nitrous oxide emissions. Although the tourism may not be the main cause of greenhouse and gas emissions, the development of international travel and the transportation have led to its carbon footprint. The increasing regulatory burden may affect the country's future profitability. Restaurants and efforts to limit the exhaust of cruise ships illustrate other operational issues that must be
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