The Impact Of Social Media On The Entertainment Industry

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The internet has changed the way the world particularly teens view information and their behaviour when relaying the information they receive. The entertainment industry is effected by how teen relay details over the internet and whether they choose to share it with others in a positive or negative light. The effect social media and teen culture have on the entertainment industry can have both positive and negative impact. With the growth of these networks the more positive impacts it has on the industry. The first point of this essay relates to how technology has changed and how teen culture is changing because of social media platforms. The next point examines how social media has impacted teen culture and how the information is spread among…show more content…
The study by the Pew Research center (2012) also examined the positive impacts the internet had on teen culture. The progression of social media and the internet in general has allowed teens ' access to information in the fastest possible way, and has increased their ability to connect and exchange information with other human beings. The challenges that come from living in a social media crazed world can mean that people are no longer making face to face connections as they may have previously before social media sites became…show more content…
Even though the entertainment industry chooses to market and sell their products online, this does not mean society is more inclined to purchase the goods. Whether they are worth purchasing still remains a personal preference regardless of who tells you about it. The entertainment industry relies on teens to listen to music and provide feedback online, sharing this information with others allows record companies, and other entertainment bodies to use teens are marketeers, without having to actually pay for marketing the products being sold.

Nonetheless the effect that teen culture and social media has on the entertainment industry is prevalent in todays society. Companies continue to focus their energy on marketing to youth as they are key players in transferring information from one person to another. This allows everyone who has internet access to the same information all at once. How pop culture effects teens (2016) states the most entertainment bodies such as MTV and other companies use social media to reach teenagers and exploit these
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