The Impact Of Social Media On Students

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Introduction We as a group of ESL-5315 decided to study the impact of social media on students. The effectiveness of social networking depends on what purpose the students are using social networks for. Irrespective of whether social networking is favourable or unfavorable, numerous students use social media on a daily basis. Schill (2011) states that social networking provokes negative thoughts and ideas in students’ minds and they tend to get addicted to drink and drugs. Several researchers are working on the area of impact of social media on students’ lives and how social media influences students retention in schools. Studies have showed both positive and negative results, as it depends on peoples’ own perception of social media. By social networking, here, we mean Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn and that kind of sites. Of them, the most famous one is Facebook. People have their own privacy in these sites. This introduced us many methods to connect to people. Parents are worried about their children, as they are not properly concentrating on education while getting used to these networking sites. Our current study mainly focuses on both positive and negative impacts of social networking sites on students, if the social media is a tool for social change or not and how it affects the academic performance of students in college. Social networking sites allow users to create a profile, to share information with people, to showcase their social life to their peers, follow news on different topics and raise discussions about new topics (Kumar, 2014). On the other hand, there are many arguments that explain the reduced students’ performance. They have been emerging so fast in the recent years and their impact is throughout t... ... middle of paper ... ... them, Facebook is the most popular one and attains attention from most of the researchers. Facebook permits individuals to speak with each other regardless of how far from each other two individuals are. A few people may contend that phones are likewise ready to do this assignment. In any case, individuals can send messages instantly to beneficiaries, whether or not they are online through Facebook. What 's more, individuals can redesign their lives by posting a photo or a few words regardless of where they are. Based on Dr. Richard’s (Harvard School of Education) and other researchers’ study, it has been suggested that group study is more beneficial than the stereotyped teaching system. The cause behind more impact of group study is the students can share their opinions and dilemmas and they can clear all the confusions if they act as a team. Social media can be an
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