The Impact Of Social Media On Society

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Enslaved by Social Media In today’s society, we are surrounded by the use of technology, mobile phones, computers, and tablets that easily lead us to going online to surf the web. In addition to the use of technology everywhere, social media has also become one of our best friends. Although social media is known to have helped us connect and communicate with almost everyone we want, the effects of it is certainly building up as social media addiction has become a common thing among many of us here in the 21st century. With the rise of social media in today 's society, almost everyone is affected by the addiction to social media. Ever since the invention of social media, researchers have found possible reasons to why social media has become so addicting, symptoms regarding to social media addiction, and some things we can do to reduce the risk of becoming too attached to social media. When was the first social media invented and how did it impact our society? The first ever social networking site was called Six Degrees and was created by Andrew Weinreich in 1997. SixDegrees was very popular due to it being the first social media and had about 3,500,000 users. Through Six Degrees, people were able to make a profile, and connect with other people. However, Six Degrees was eventually shut down because of spam and interest issues (“A Forefather of Social Media”). As of today, it has been estimated that the top three most popular social media sites consists of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Over the years, people have been allowed to communicate and stay connected through online social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat), blogs (Blogger, WordPress), social news sites (Reddit, Dig, Propeller) and location-based social med... ... middle of paper ... ...nstagram, or Twitter to update statuses, make tweets, and post pictures. We had no such thing as social media and online interactions. But then today, almost everyone is socially active on social media as it has become part of our daily routine. Since the creation of social media, dating back to 1997 when the first social networking site was launched, our society has grown fond to the use of social networking. People have been affected widely by the use of social media daily, socially and educationally. The exact cause to why people become addicted social media is still to be found. However Taking away online activities such as social media would be a nightmare for some people because they have become so attached to it. But thankfully, there are also ways to help limit the use of social media, people just needs to know that it’s not impossible to live without it.
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