The Impact Of Social Media On Society

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As modern society develops, knowledge on technology, social media websites and accounts are being created at young ages, allowing youth to be more involved with what is occurring amongst the world. To adjust to this updated society we are living in, changes are being upheld to maintain an awareness on all the latest procedures. The latest equipment such as iPads, laptops and smartphones are the biggest priority for a large percentage of young adults. Why is the impact from social media and technology so dominant on teenagers and young adults today? The impact in which technology is growing into a social norm of society, is effecting all users of the gadgets. Social media is the biggest contribution as to why technology has become such a major…show more content…
Research has shown that 13 million Australians spend an average of 18 hours per day online. Lee Hawskley, managing director of ExtacTarget Australia believes that these statistics are creating ‘tremendous opportunities’ for businesses to connect with their consumers (, 2012). Adding to this research, according to Peter Ryan, business editor for the radio current affairs program, nine out of ten of the 3,800 people surveyed under the age of 30 years old, are addicted to their smartphones and one in five are checking their phones every ten minutes. The dependence that Australians have on their devices are becoming compulsive and dangerous as one in five people are texting while driving (Ryan, 2013). “The human body’s got 206 bones and the smart phone’s your 207th bone, and you’ll know about it if you don’t have it,” Kevin Bloch jokes. This ‘joke’ has become a revelation and has created a further idea that the possible addiction of technology is evident in…show more content…
The now former marketing chief, Randi Zuckerberg, whose brother created Facebook, the world’s most popular social media site, has hailed the benefits of ‘unplugging to refresh’. According to the Aug 19th, 2015 edition of the City newspaper, Sophie Perri reported that removing yourself from the technological world of smartphones, iPads, laptops and television, will allow your brain to develop more mindful tech habits. There are multiple challenges which are known around the world which are specifically designed to allow there to be a detox for technology. In February there is a Feb-Fast, which is a 38 day challenge to help raise money for the youths with drug and alcohol addiction. In America, Camp Grounded is a summer camps for adults who need a digital detox. Harvard Medical School scientists have discovered that using a cell phone or laptop before bed can disrupt the body’s production of melatonin (meaning to confuse the body in feeling as though it is daytime not night) and negatively affect sleeping quality, thus why a detox is well needed (Perri, 2015). Disconnect to Reconnect is an American organisation which allows people to slow down from their everyday digital addicted lives, and to enjoy their lives from a view other than their smartphone screens. Foundations and organisations like this one, provide speakers, seminars, retreats and camps, to those who need a break. This

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